As Donald Trump continues to dominate headlines, Hollywood actor Michael Keaton is the latest A-lister to offer his take on the new face of American politics.

Speaking to IBTimes UK, the star of McDonald's biopic The Founder described the ex-real-estate mogul being elected as president as "frightening" – saying America's obsession with wealth is still very much alive under the newly elected president.

"Things are based on money, things are based on wealth," Keaton said.

"Look at the president, he constantly talks about money and his wealth and other wealth its just so frightening. People standing on the tarmac waiting for this person saying 'I'm one of you, watch me fly in on my jet'.

Keaton continued: "The amazing thing is people go 'He's one of us, I don't really have a jet but he's one of us, I'm never getting near a jet, the chances of me being within a thousand miles of a private jet especially based on what's going to happen are getting less and less and less and less before my eyes'."

Directed by John Lee Hancock, The Founder tells the story of Ray Kroc, who came up with the idea to franchise McDonald's – turning it into the global business it is today.

Kroc, who is portrayed as something of a wheeler dealer in the film, was also compared to the current US president by director Hancock – who said the pair had some underlying similarities.

"There is something interesting about branding, and the understanding about branding as a name when you think about Ray Kroc and Donald Trump," Hancock told IBTimes UK.

"Trump is obviously a very successful businessman and understands branding and the name and Ray, even though he didn't use his own name, understood the power of the McDonalds name so there's an interesting parallel there."