It is the Carpool Karaoke the world has been waiting for. US First Lady Michelle Obama sat in James Corden's passenger seat in his car, enjoyed a good gossip and sung along to the likes of Beyoncé.

US President Barack Obama's wife, 52, looked sensational in a red and white print summer dress which showcased her famously toned arms. She climbed into Corden's vehicle as he arrived at the president's Washington DC residence for a tour, only to be greeted by the mother-of-two.

The comedian has enjoyed his fair share of high-profile names on his popular segment for The Late Late Show talk show, including Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, One Direction and Adele among others – but the First Lady undoubtedly tops the lot.

Fittingly named Carpool Karaoke at the White House, Corden bagged the best tour guide on the premises in the First Lady. She casually quipped: "Hey there, I hear you're here for a 1.45 tour, and I had a little time on my hands. Want to go for a spin?" A gobsmacked Corden blankly stared at her in disbelief.

michelle obama
Corden is flabbergasted to be given a White House tour by the US First Lady CBS

Music lover Mrs Obama got the ball rolling swiftly with Stevie Wonder's Signed, Sealed, Delivered, before disclosing what she'll miss most about being First Lady.

She said: "I'll miss the people... you see every day... they help you, they love you. To walk away from people you see every single day, that's going to be hard."

Mrs Obama also admitted that it was only the second time in seven and a half years that she had sat in the front seat of a car – the first had been when she "rocked out" to music while teaching her daughter Malia to drive.

The most hilarious part of the segment was when the pair sang along to Beyoncé's Single Ladies while demonstrating the signature hand gesture in unison. It doesn't get much better than that.

Proving she's one of the biggest Bey fans out there, she remarked: "We were making honey in the beehive, we were making honey to put in our lemonade," referencing the singer's latest controversial album.

Just to prove he can still do better than having just one famous name in his car, Corden invited along Missy Elliot in the back seat to perform the inspirational track released by Mrs Obama, This Is For My Girls. They then boogied to Get Ur Freak On, naturally.

Mrs Obama, who is leaving the White House at the end of her husband's second term, divulged some inside information on what it's like to be a First Lady.

She claimed that her Secret Service code name is Renaissance and that it was chosen for her: "They came up with it and they said 'do I like it?', and I said 'yeah whatever'." Corden hastily made up a code name for himself – Papa Smurf.

The Late Late Show with James Corden airs on CBS.

michelle obama
Michelle Obama on Carpool Karaoke CBS