Microsoft Surface Pro 3
Microsoft's July firmware upgrades bring along fixes for battery life, and feature other performance enhancements. Microsoft

Microsoft has started seeding new firmware updates for users of its Surface Pro tablets, prominently targeting Surface Pro 3 users. The company's July firmware update brings with it fixes for various issues along with stability and performance enhancements.

Most critical of the issues that the latest firmware update promises to fix is the battery life issue that a section of users earlier reported.

According to Microsoft, Surface Pro 3 users should witness enhancement in battery life, along with reduced power consumption. The Redmond-based company also claims that its latest July firmware updates enhance the overall system stability of the tablet.

Along with the battery life enhancement and system stability, Microsoft's latest firmware update, which has been listed as System Firmware Update - 7/8/2014, also brings improved trackpad operation, and improvement in Wi-Fi connectivity in certain conditions.

However, Microsoft will be releasing a standalone firmware update on 16 July, for users of Surface Pro 3, to address Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

The full list of enhancements that the latest Surface Pro 3 July firmware upgrade brings along is given below:

  • Surface Pro System Aggregator Firmware (v. enhances battery life, increases efficiency and reliability in low power conditions.
  • Surface Type Cover Firmware Update (v.2.0.1021.0) improves trackpad reiliability and system stability.
  • Surface Pro Embedded Controller Firmware (v. reduces power consumption, and results in enhanced system stability.
  • Wireless Network Controller and Bluetooth (v. 15.68.3042.79) to improve system stability, reducing power consumption in low power states, and for better WiFi scenarios.
  • Surface Accessory Device (v. 2.0.1012.0) results in dynamic appearance and disappearance of on-screen keyboard.

Users of Surface Pro 2 also get Microsoft's July 2014 firmware upgrades:

  • Wireless Network Controller (v 14.69.24054.176) that enables functionality on wireless networks utilising hidden SSIDs.

Microsoft Surface 2 (available to users of Surface 2 4G LTE) July Updates changelog:

  • Modem Firmware Update (v5.706.306.1) improves the performance and reliability of AT&T 4G LTE network on Surface 2 4G LTE.

Surface RT July firmware upgrade changelog:

  • Surface Home Button Driver (v1.0.255.0) enhances system stability in both the active state and the sleep/wake transition state.

Surface Pro 3 (and Surface Tablets ) users should get the above updates in phases. Users can navigate to the 'Windows Updates' on their devices to get the latest firmware upgrades.

Upgrades can also be installed manually by following the below steps:

  • Swipe in from the right edge of the screen and then tap or click Settings. (If you are using a mouse, point to upper-right corner of screen, move the mouse pointer down, and then click Settings.)
  • Tap or click Change PC settings, and then tap or click Update and recovery.
  • Tap or click Check now.
  • If there are updates available, tap or click View details.
  • Tap or click to select the updates you want to install, and then tap or click Install.
  • You may need to restart Surface after the updates have been installed.