The much anticipated Windows 10 Technical Preview software update is now rolling out across the globe.

However, things do not seem to be rosy for a section of users, as their devices got bricked after they tried to down grade to Windows Phone 8.1 from 10, using the Windows Phone Recovery tool.

According to a GSMArena report, and a posting on the official Microsoft Community blog, users of Lumia 520, Lumia 525 and Lumia 526 have reported problems. The phone is bricked while downgrading to the older Windows Phone 8.1 post installation of the latest Windows 10 for Phones Preview that is available via the Windows Insider Application.

These users have reported that their handsets were bricked while they rolled-back to Windows Phone 8.1 (after installing Windows 10 Preview) via the Windows Phone Recovery tool.

This has led to Microsoft temporarily stalling the roll-out of Windows 10 Technical Preview to Lumia 520, Lumia 525 and Lumia 526 users.

"We are pausing build availability for these devices temporarily while we investigate the issue and work with customers who have reported problems," stated Microsoft in an official statement.

As of now, there seems to be no solution to the latest issue, as Microsoft is yet to roll out an official fix, though the GSMArena report hints at many unofficial fixes being developed. However, the integrity of these is in question; hence it would be better for Lumia 520, Lumia 525 and Lumia 526 owners to wait for an official fix from Redmond.

GSMArena also hints at Lumia 920 users having been afflicted by issues similar to the above bricking bug when trying to downgrade to Windows Phone 8.1 (using Windows Recovery Tool) after obtaining/installing the Windows 10 Preview.

Therefore, users of Lumia smartphones (all global variants) are advised to check their devices for software issues similar to the above bricking bug, and let us know about issues, if any, in our comments section below.