Microsoft has secured a patent for internet-connected smart glasses that would be capable of detecting and interpreting the emotions of people within their field of vision.

The Redmond-based tech major filed the patent for "a wearable emotion detection feedback system" in October 2012 and has been now been awarded the patent, suggests a public filing by the US patent office.

"Microsoft regularly applies for receives patents as part of its business practices; not all patents applied for or received will be incorporated into a Microsoft product," a Microsoft spokesperson has been quoted as telling the Wall Street Journal.

How the smart glasses function

The wearer of the smart glasses, according to the filing, can determine who to analyse - whether an individual or a group, without their knowledge.

The sensors of the wearable device can measure changes in a subject's body temperature or pick up audio information.

Microsoft smartglasses
Microsoft\'s wearable emotion detection feedback system. Microsoft/US Patent and Trademark Office

The sensors, which include depth cameras and a microphone mounted on the nose bridge, pick up audio and visual information from a subject.

This would be processed for things like subtle variations in speech rhythm and amplitude, choice of words, type and speed of gestures, eye focus and body posture. All these are beamed through Microsoft's database and then an emotional determination would be relayed back to the user through the glasses.

Check out the following photos to know how Microsoft's device is designed to work.

Microsoft smartglasses
Feedback on the subjects emotional state is beamed back to the glasses. Microsoft/U.S. Patent And Trademark Office

As per the patent, "for example if a subject plays with her hair in a social situation, such as a date, the behaviour indicates friendliness or, interest. However, the same behaviour in a business situation may indicate boredom."

The wearable device can also communicate with each other, which means those wearing the glasses can share real time data. The glass also offers a 360 degree view to a wearer and can be useful in gaming as well as security work.