Microsoft has confirmed releasing an update to its Bing apps for Windows Phone 8.1 that is yet to exit the 'developer preview' phase.

The Redmond-based company has also stated that the latest update set will be available to general users across the globe once the Windows Phone 8.1 starts shipping in the next few months.

A major functionality that Microsoft's latest Bing update for Windows 8.1 brings is the single sign-in mechanism with which users can sign in to multiple Bing apps at once, thereby eliminating having to sign-in to each app separately.

"Now you can enter your Microsoft credentials once, and choose to connect to each Bing App," states Microsoft, in an official blog post.

In line with the company's latest updates, the Food and Drink Bing app has also received an update, and now features thousands of new recipes and various cooking tutorials.

"We have also recruited world-renowned chefs including Tom Colicchio, Wolfgang Puck, Daniel Boulud, Jacques Pepin, Joel Robuchon, Marcus Samuelsson and Vikas Khanna (just to name a few) to provide insights, recipes and culinary tips so you can learn from the bet", states Microsoft.

Also, the company has tweaked its Bing Travel app that now provides real-time information about status of flights, flight tracker and destination time calculator. According to Microsoft, the app provides vital flight related information by making use of real-time data feeds.

Finally, Bing News has been tweaked to include data from New York Times Blogs Archive, which is provided to users real-time.

However, with the official launch and shipping of Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 still a few months away, general users will have to wait longer to lay their hands on the above features that the company promises with the OS update.

But, developers throughout the world are in a position to test the latest Bing application updates, and report issues/bugs, if any, directly to Microsoft.