Microsoft, which has taken over Nokia's Lumia smartphone trademark, as part of acquisition of the former's Devices and Business Services, now appears poised for launching the first Lumia smartphone without the erstwhile Nokia branding.

Microsoft has hinted at launching a new "Microsoft Lumia" smartphone, rather than a "Nokia Lumia" device, in its official Lumia conversations blog.

As per the blog post, Microsoft will launch the device on 11 November.

"Come back on November 11, to find out more," states Microsoft in the blog post.

Microsoft has also showcased an image of what appears to be a new smartphone with a front camera seen prominently.

Microsoft is looking at grabbing a more significant share of the mobile OS market than it currently holds.

According to a Cnet report (that quotes IDC), the Windows Phone runs in just 2% of the global mobile devices, whereas its competitor Google's Android OS powers almost 85% of mobile devices.

However, both Nokia and Microsoft mobiles find a place amongst the top OS brands across various emerging economies in the world, notably India, which recently witnessed the launch of a pure Nokia entry-level cellphone (Nokia 130 that costs just £17).

The hardware aspects of the proposed Microsoft exclusive Lumia smartphone are not official, but according to a NextWeb report (that quotes Chinese regulators), the device will have a 5in qHD display, a CPU clocked at 1.2GHz, 8GB internal storage and 1GB RAM onboard.

These specs indicate that the first Microsoft Lumia smartphone will be a pure mid-range device that is likely to cater to the low-cost segment.