Microsoft Cortana
Microsoft Showcases “Hey Cortana” : New Feature Set to Rival Android’s “OK Google” Microsoft

Microsoft seems to be on the right track with respect to its personal digital assistant Cortana. First, the Redmond-based company updated the PDA with FIFA World Cup Matches prediction capability due to which Cortana predicted correctly the result of as many as 15 world cup matches.

Then, Cortana was updated to become more intuitive, and the PDA was rolled out in the United States. Now, Microsoft has introduced a brand new Cortana accessibility feature termed 'Hey Cortana', using which users can use voice commands ("Hey Cortana") to launch the digital assistant, rather than having to conventionally search for the application.

"Hey Cortana" looks similar to Android's "OK Google" functionality, and Microsoft's latest feature should be the USP of Cortana when she launches in India, Canada and Australia later this year.

With Microsoft having officially showcased "Hey Cortana", loyalists of the company's Windows Phone, can expect newer Windows Phone devices (probably a new Lumia series) supporting enhanced voice-control functionality/features.

"Hey Cortana" will feature within Windows Phone 8.1 update that is expected to seed with the brand new Lumia Denim update that is expected to roll out in the fourth quarter of 2014.

Along with seeding to Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone users, Cortana is also highly expected to make her debut on desktops when Microsoft officially releases the much anticipated Windows 9.