Xbox One
Xbox One users can now fix the stuck game disc issue Reuters/Lucy Nicholson

Gamers using Microsoft's Xbox One consoles can also use game discs to install selected games in the device. Like most physical media, even game discs are prone to issues that could lead to the game being improperly installed in the console.

According to a GottaBeMobile report, users have reported that the installation of certain games, via a disc, on Xbox One consoles got stuck abruptly. Here are steps to fix this issue:

How to fix stuck Xbox One disc issue?

Step 1: Switch on your Xbox One consoles. Connect the Xbox One Wireless Controller to the device

Step 2: Navigate to Settings app; for users with Xbox Kinect the voice command "Xbox, go to Settings" can be issued

Step 3: Select Settings from the pop-up menu

Step 4: Choose Network from the settings options

Step 5: Select Go Offline from the list of options on the far-left side of the screen

Step 6: Press the Xbox logo on the controller to launch My Games & Apps

Step 7: Choose the game that is stuck in the install Queue and press Menu button on your controller.

Step 8: Select Cancel

Step 9: Eject the disc and restart the Xbox One console

Step 10: Place your game back into the tray and do a re-installation

Step 11: Navigate to Settings and go online. This process should download vital system updates necessary for installation of games, via discs, when online.