Even though the newly announced Cortana won't be usable until Windows Phone 8.1 rollout in a few months, the virtual assistant is already taking on Apple's Siri through these three videos from Microsoft. Watch them below.

Round 1: Unlike Siri, for Cortana, "It's Personal"

The video goes on to explain how Cortana is focused on the people in your life when it comes to planning things. The virtual assistant apparently sets people-based reminders, "something that Siri can't do". Learn more from the video below.

Round 2: One Sided Conversations

When asked for her opinion on Siri, Cortana gets witty and says that their conversations have been "one sided" so far. Watch it in the video below.

Round 3: Personal Assistant

Microsoft claims that Cortana is something that Siri is not, a personal assistant. They go on to add that Cortana is constantly learning about you so that she can offer you a more personalised experience.

On the lighter side of things, watch as Siri responds to the following questions.

Who's your daddy?

I love you

Do you love Master Chief?

And then Cortana cracks a joke