Against a backdrop of a typical village setting, Dolce & Gabbana took fashionistas on holiday to Italy on 27 September, with a spring collection that paid tribute to the designer duo's home country.

From Venice's gondoliers to the ubiquitous gelato stands, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana decorated dresses with all things Italian to make them look like postcards, some with messages reading "Kisses from Rome" and "Greetings from Naples".

The holiday mood was immediately set at the Milan Fashion Week show with music playing odes to Italy and models stopping mid-way to take selfie pictures on phones, sometimes with the audience in the background. The photos were immediately beamed onto large screens.

Known for their use of embellishments, the celebrity-favourite designers used an array of colours, sequins, gems, pom-poms and appliqués for their spring/summer 2016 collection, made up mainly of dresses in various lengths and short skirts.

Beach umbrellas and landmarks such as Pisa's leaning tower and Florence's cathedral were among the decorations, alongside embroidered daisies and poppies, adorning summer dresses. Several trouser suits were also decorated with intricate floral embroidery.

Long silk dresses bore prints of Sorrento's lemons or Sicily's ceramics and were accessorised with scarves worn as turbans. Models wore bejewelled sunglasses and embellished headpieces, some like headphones, covered in fruit decorations such as small hanging lemons. Earrings were lemon and orange shapes.

Handbags, as well as small baskets, were also rich in detail, as were see-through socks that had sparkling embellishments. For the show's finale, models changed into short dresses, made to look like postcards from cities and holiday spots across Italy.