Oreo biscuits
Boxes of Oreo biscuits at a shop in Indonesia. SONNY TUMBELAKA/AFP/Getty Images

Milka Oreo milk chocolate bars have been removed from retail shops in Dubai after a translation error saw alcohol being listed as one of the ingredients.

The Food Safety Department said that following tests, it found no alcohol in the product, contrary to the ingredient listing. "The problem was a wrong translation of the product label," an official told Gulf News.

The Dubai Municipality moved in to pull the products from the store shelves after rumours surfaced in social media that the chocolate bars contained alcohol. To avoid confusion among consumers, the products will be withdrawn from the market.

The official said that in the Arabic label, the ingredient chocolate liquor — a semi-solid cocoa paste — was inadvertently split into two words in the translation stage. Liquor was then translated into an alcoholic beverage in Arabic. "That created confusion and rumours," she added.

The department said in its social media page that it has ordered the withdrawal of the products within two days even though they do not contain alcohol, The product, she said, is halal and safe to eat but the recall was aimed at avoiding misunderstanding.

"We have also contacted the company to make the correction and find out who made the mistake," she added. No action will be taken against the company. However, the product will only be released for sale once the ingredients translation has been rectified.