Kay Burley
Two volunteers appear shocked as the Sky News breaks the news of Mark Bridger's murder arrest liev on air.

Sky News presenter Kay Burley has sparked a Twitter backlash after she told volunteers helping in the search for missing April Jones that the little girl was believed to be dead.

Burley told two women volunteers on live TV: "They [the police] don't expect to find her alive. I'm sorry to have to tell you in circumstances like this ... would you like to say anything?"

The 51-year-old TV host was lambasted by online users who branded her insensitive for the way she revealed that suspect Mark Bridger had been arrested for murder.

Among the army of critics was Labour MP Tom Watson who described the interview as "insensitive bordering on cruel".

Her abrupt announcement prompted journalist and commentator George Monbiot to write: "The worst kind of television news reporting: cruel and pointless."

Another angry commentaror said: "Absolutely appalled with her behaviour. This is NOT good journalism. I will never watch Sky News again."

The live interview, filmed in April's hometown of Machynlleth in Mid Wales, followed a news conference in which police confirmed that the little girl had not been found.

DS Reg Bevan said that Bridger, who was originally arrested suspicion of child abduction, had been arrested on suspicion of murder.

"The arrest does not detract from our efforts to find April and we remain committed to finding her," Bevan told the assembled press.

April was riding a bike with her friend when she disappeared from near her home on 1 October.