Human remains found in Texas, United States, are believed to be those of missing soldier Vanessa Guillen. Another soldier, Aaron David Robinson, who was stationed at Fort Hood was suspected to be her murderer. The suspect took his own life before he could be arrested. His accomplice, Cecily Aguilar, has been charged for helping him get rid of Guillen's body. An investigation into the murder remains ongoing.

The 20-year-old Private was last seen on 22 April at the Fort Hood military base in Texas. Guillen's car and barracks keys, identification card, and wallet were found in the armoury room on the base on the same day. Guillen has since remained missing.

Natalie Khawam, an attorney representing the Guillen family, confirmed that Robinson is suspected to have bludgeoned the young woman to death in the armoury room. Speaking to CNN, Khawam revealed what the family had learnt on Wednesday evening, July 1, during a meeting with Army investigators. She claims that Robinson became enraged when he found out that Guillen was about to file a harassment complaint against him. Officials at Fort Hood denied having any reports of sexual harassment against the suspect.

According to Khawam, Guillen was confronted by Robinson. He then bludgeoned her with a hammer. Robinson removed the body from the base and with the help of Aguilar, tried to dispose of it. Khawam claims that they first tried to burn the body, dismembered it, and got rid of it.

The search for Guillen let the investigators to an area near the Leon River, about 30 miles (48km) from Fort Hood. Based on a tip-off, US Army Criminal Investigation Command, Texas Rangers, FBI and local police found human remains in the area. The condition of the remains made it difficult to ascertain identity. The remains have been sent for forensic examination to confirm the identity. However, Guillen's family, as well as the authorities, are confident that the remains are of the missing soldier.

On Wednesday, when the police caught up with the absconding 20-year-old suspect, he fatally shot himself. The police were able to arrest Aguilar, who has been charged with conspiracy to tamper with evidence, BBC reported. While Khawam claims that the estranged wife of a former soldier at the base was Robinson's girlfriend, their relationship has not been confirmed.

The investigation continues.

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Soldier bludgeoned to death at army base. (representational image) IBTimes UK