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The "Mobile Legends" hero Vexana was not exactly the most popular hero in the game in the past based on pick rate. However, she was revamped and got a new set of skills that she's now a force to be reckoned with and could potentially make or break team fights.

One of Vexana's abilities that are particularly tricky to counter is her ultimate move, Eternal Guard, which allows her to summon a massive undead knight to briefly fight alongside her. Fortunately, the revamped Vexana can still be countered, and here are the top three "Mobile Legend" heroes up for the challenge.


Since Vexana does not have escape skills, Kadita can stun her with Breath of the Ocean. Once done, she can use Ocean Oddity to get closer to her enemy fast and finish Vexana off with Rough Waves, according to OneEsports.
Should Vexana manage to activate Eternal Guard, Kadita can still make her escape using Ocean Oddity and Rough Waves. With her passive, Thalassophobia, her survivability remains high as she can restore most of her health if she gets dragged into a team fight.


Aurora and Vexana both use their area-of-effect skills which can be used to surprise the enemy team making them ideal for players who wish to initiate the fight. But Aurora has a slight advantage as her passive, Pride of Ice, can freeze enemies.

One strategy Aurora users is to take advantage of Vexana's lack of mobility by lying in wait and freezing her the moment she's within range. However, this strategy works best when Vexana is alone and away from her team, and without Purify or Winter Truncheon.

Players should also bear in mind that Aurora does not have mobility as well so the ambush plan could also backfire.


Players might find it harder to master Kagura but she's a very well-rounded hero with mobility, damage, and the ability to cancel crowd control using the Seimei Umbrella. She is also one of the "Mobile Legends" heroes that can be used to counter Vexana.

Kagura can cancel and counter Vexana's Cursed Blast and Eternal Guard combo with a well-timed casting of Seimei Umbrella and Yin Yang Overturn.