ABC's Modern Family Season 6 returns with its 5th episode today, Wednesday, 22 October, at 8 pm ET.

The five-time Emmy award winning Comedy series' fourth episode is titled, Won't You Be Our Neighbor. In the episode Phil Dunphy hilariously tries to dissuade a new set of neighbours (played by Steve Zahn and Andrea Anders) who are dubbed "neighbours from hell" from buying the house next door.

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The official synopsis reads:

Phil is selling the house next door and he and Claire are excited by the prospect of having wonderful new neighbors, but that quickly turns into panic when a loud and obnoxious couple (guest stars Steve Zahn and Andrea Anders) come to look at the house. Jay forbids Manny to see his new girlfriend when he realizes she's the granddaughter of his biggest business rival, leading to a clash of the closet titans. Elsewhere, Mitch and Cam are determined to switch Lily out of Mrs. Plank's (guest star Tyne Daly) class since she is known to rule with an iron fist - not to mention she scares them too.

Manny will have a new girlfriend, and Jay will not approve of her.

In the previous episode, Manny is heartbroken when his first girlfriend, Sam, dumps him and he discovers that she never really loved him.

Jay will forbid Manny from seeing his new girlfriend when he finds out that she is the grand-daughter of his business rival.

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