Big-name superyachts made a splash at the recent Monaco Yacht Show 2012, held at the Port Hercules marina in Monaco.

The 22nd edition of the show saw some of the biggest and most luxurious vessels competing to become the best vessel in design and construction.

Several big names in the superyacht industry showcased their vessels at the annual show, some equipped with helipads, 3D cinemas, baseball, tennis or soccer platforms.

Six megayachts, with an average length of 80.11 metres (263 feet), each twice the size of an average superyacht, stole the show at the event.

"Yachts are certainly increasing in length," Ellie Brade, editor of Superyacht Intelligence, told AFP.

"You might want to put in a cinema or a gym, so the more length you have, the more options and the more room you have."

Superyachts over 80 metres long are becoming the trend. The world's biggest yacht, codenamed Project Azzam, slated to be 180 metres (590 feet), is scheduled for delivery in 2013.

"There is definitely an element of I've got a bigger boat than yours. It's boys with their toys. They want the biggest and the best," an executive at a leading yacht broker told AFP.

Superyacht renting or charter, as it is called in the industry, for holidays or business has become more popular recently but at a huge cost.

A week's charter on one of Monaco-based Yachting Partners International's superyachts will cost upwards of 800,000 euros ($1 million).

"There is a lot of interest in the big, recent modern boats, particularly from Russian clients," said Fiona Maureso, head of charter at YPI.

Take a look at the superyachts at the Monaco Yacht Show 2012: