A site that claims to be the "most exclusive website" on the internet, which only grants access to one visitor at a time, has seen more than 10,000 people sign up to its waiting list.

Most Exclusive Website, which lets in a new visitor every 60 seconds, has served more than 60,000 tickets, however only 50,000 of those have actually made it through to see what the site contains.

At the time of writing, the size of the current waiting list means that a new visitor would have to wait 166 hours - or seven days - before being allowed access.

People on the waiting list speculating about what the website contains have guessed at everything from pornography, to the classic Rickroll internet prank.

The Most Exclusive Website was picked up on social news site Reddit and over the course of a few hours saw its waiting list rise from around 1,500 to more than 10,000.

Most exclusive website revealed what
The most exclusive website takes visitors who reach the end of the waiting list to a gallery of cats ScreenGrab

The site's creator, who goes by the name of jfols, said in a comment on Reddit that he made the site "for the lulz" and revealed that the surge in traffic since going viral meant that the site's servers needed to be reconfigured.

"You dudes and dudettes are about to break the server," jfols said. "[I] might need to reprovision and restart... did not plan for this 3 months ago when I posted the site up."

A YouTube video that shows what awaits for those who make it past the waiting list reveals that for 60 seconds the visitor is treated to a montage of cat pictures.

It's perhaps unsurprising, considering the pervasiveness of felines on the internet, that the website hosts such pictures, however jfols claims that the "prize" is different every time.

A site with a similar claim to being "the world's most exclusive website" appeared in 2011, although access to the site depended instead on the number of Twitter followers a user had.

The website, which had celebrities like Ryan Seacrest and Justin Bieber tweeting about it, took visitors through a series of 'doors' before a mystery event in the 10<sup>th room was triggered.