Beyonce Knowles
Beyonce Knowles in the cover page of Glamour, Paris.

Beyonce Knowles appears on the cover of the February 2012 issue of "Glamour," Paris.

Food is one of the issues she talks about in the magazine. She discusses the pregnancy diet she has been following and how hard it is not to lose control over gorging.

"I've really been conscious (about food). I've been trying my best not to lose control," celebrity tracker Gather Celebs News Channel quotes Beyonce as saying in the magazine.

The French headline of the magazine reads: "BIEN JOUE BEYONCE! 15 Ans De Success Pas Un Faux Paus," which simply means: "Well played Beyoncé! 15 years of success without a faux pas". The cover was shot by well-known photographer Michelangelo di Battista, according to Gather.

Beyonce looks stunningly beautiful on the cover in a short and sexy outfit with silver, gold and dark shades. Beyonce radiates a charming smile for her French fans.

Meanwhile, Jay-Z, the rapper husband of Beyonce, is reportedly ensuring high security for his wife and their soon-to-be-born baby. According to, Jay-Z has approached Tom Cruise for tips on getting a bullet-proof car for Beyonce and the baby. Not that there are any reported safety concerns.

Rumours are that Beyonce would be giving birth early Wednesday.