david homes
David homes was killed in a head-on collision near Norwich in June 2013 Youtube/Norfolk Police

A mother has released video footage of the moment her son was killed in a motorbike crash in order to raise awareness of the dangers of driving.

David Holmes, 38, was killed in a head-on collision on the A47 at Honingham near Norwich in June last year whilst riding at 97 m/ph. His final few moments were captured on film as he was wearing a camera on his helmet.

His mother, Brenda Holmes, has now made the decision to release the footage through Norfolk Police in order raise awareness of road safety.

The driver of the Renault involved in the collision admitted to police he had not seen the motorbike or the car behind him as he turned off the junction. He was prosecuted in April.

Norfolk Police admitted it is a risky decision to release the "shocking" footage but believe it is necessary to get people to talk about road safety and allow the Holmes' family to "take something positive out of this tragic event".

Chief insp Chris Spinks said police had worked closely with the family to ensure their goals of achieving road safety awareness were achieved in an "effective and sensitive way".

He added: "The video is shocking; however this is the reality of fatal collisions. The emotions people may experience after seeing this video can only touch the surface of those feelings that families and friends go through when losing a loved one in this way.

"The consequences of fatal collisions are devastating for all involved and as such our message though education has to reflect this. I firmly believe this footage is powerful enough to make riders and drivers think about their behaviour on the road; and most important of all, change it for the better."

Mrs Holmes added: "I want to be involved in this campaign because I feel something positive can come out of his loss. If we can prevent one accident; one family going through what we have been through then David would not have died in vain.

"I know he rode fast that day, he loved speed but he also loved life. This hasn't been an easy thing to do but I just hope that somebody benefits from the warning; that people slow down and take time to look for bikes. I'm not a perfect driver, I've done silly things sometimes and I've been lucky to get away with them, David wasn't lucky, the driver wasn't lucky."

Warning: Some viewers may find the footage distressing