This year, Mothering Sunday, which is also referred to as Mother's Day, is celebrated in the UK on 10 March. The tradition of Mother's Day in the UK has a religious backdrop and commences on the fourth Sunday in Lent.

Initially, the Romans celebrated the Hilaria festival to honour the mother goddess Cybele; this took place during mid-March. As the Roman Empire and Europe converted to Christianity, this celebration became part of the new religious calendar.

Twitter is abuzz with topics like "Happy Mothers Day" "mummy" and "mums" trending and people expressing their thoughts on the occasion.

"@Antiquestuy Remember a Mother only holds a her Child's hand for a short while But she holds there hearts forever. Happy Mothers day, You are all AMAZING"

"@AndrewWilsonAJW Snow on Mothering Sunday! The ancients said this was a brilliant excuse to get the fire on and watch mummy's favourite premiership games!"

"@Cath_Tyldesley Happy Mothers Day to my beautiful mum. My angel, my best friend, my world. I love you more than words can say. Thankyou for being you xxxxxx"

"@Kristaice007 Dear mother, u are the reason m still trying.. The reason m still going strong.. Until I give u everything, I won't rest.."Happy mothers day"

"@LucyLulabell Happy Mothers Day to my Mommy, the most incredible woman I know. She is kind, thoughtful, inspiring, caring and a wonderful human being xxxx"

"@deliciouszzzzz I believe IN love AT first SIGHT...Because I'VE been LOVING my MOTHER since I opened MY eyes.."Happy Mothers Day!"

"@MarcTwaite Happy Mothers Day to my Wonderful Mum a very special lady that I love to bits&deserves to be spoilt today.Hope all mums have a great 1 :)xxx"

"@candystreats For all the times you picked me up when I fell down, when you needed something but put me first instead. happy mothers day mum I love you x"

"@StefanPowell Happy Mothers day to my wife from Willoughby and commiserations to the millions of flowers that gave their lives for the cause :-) ^Stefan"

"@PhoenixJay_Inkd Happy Mothers Day to all you Beautiful Yummy Mummies & the Daddies that play Mummy☺Thoughts are with those who have sadly lost their Mum ♥"