The iWallet: Apple's Secret Weapon For the iPhone 5
On Tuesday, more patents were granted to Apple in relation to the iWallet technology, including security measures that aim to keep financial information safe, and the app in iTunes that will house these features. In all likelihood, this is Apple's mobile payments solution intended for its next-generation iPhone, presumably called "iPhone 5." Reuters

Apple iCloud customers in Germany can no longer automatically receive email on their iOS devices because the facility has been blocked by Motorola.

Users of the iPhone, iPad or iPod will be affected by the move while in Germany. To access their messages, users must manually open the Mail app or set their accounts to routinely search for new email.

Apple published a support document on Friday, noting: "Due to recent patent litigation by Motorola Mobility, iCloud and MobileMe users are currently unable to have iCloud and MobileMe email pushed to their iOS devices while located within the borders of Germany."

Motorola believes that it owns the patent for pushing email to a mobile device and the company claims that Apple is using the technology unlawfully.

The lawsuit was filed by Motorola Mobility on 1 April. It was recently awarded aninjunction preventing Apple from using the push email technology and provided a €100m (£85m) bond to enforce it.

Apple's statement continued: "Affected customers will still receive iCloud and MobileMe email, but new messages will be downloaded to their devices when the Mail app is opened, or when their device periodically fetches new messages as configured in iOS Settings. Push email service on desktop computers, laptop computers and the web is unaffected, as is service from other providers such as Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync."

An Apple spokesperson told tech site Engadget that the ruling "only impacts customers in Germany who use a push setting to get their MobileMe and iCloud email. These customers will still receive email to their devices.

"Apple believes this patent is invalid and is appealing the decision."