Motorola's second generation Moto E smartphone with the most affordable price tag and software features, which is now available in the UK has quite a sturdy battery, according to tests.

While Motorola claims with a 2390mAh battery the Moto E (2nd Gen) is designed to last a full day, a test by GSMArena suggests the smartphone has quite an efficient battery and performed even better than the official rating.

In the 3G talk time test, the Moto E posted a battery life enough to run for a day, and positioning itself in the list among devices offering more than 20 hours of talk time. Last year's Moto E and its dual SIM variants were six hours behind the new model.

In the routine browsing test, the battery drained out just a few minutes before it could reach the 13-hour mark. Despite this, it was one among the top performers and the battery life was four hours longer than what older Moto E and the dual-SIM could offer.

You can watch video on the Motorola device up to 13 hours without any issue before its battery reaches the critical 10%, suggests the video playback test, almost double the timing of the Moto E 2014 models.

In the endurance test, the smartphone scored a rating of 82 hours, which means you can use it for three and a half days, given an hour each for calling, video and internet use.

[Source: GSMArena]