Today, 2 November, is day two of Movember and what may blossom into a full Tom Selleck come 1 December is possibly still a faint whisper of your hirsute pursuits for charitable giving.

Nevertheless, it is never too early to start building up an arsenal of grooming wonder products to ensure that your moustache is going to be looking as fantastic as your donation page for Movember.

Starting with the face and right to the tip of your handlebar moustache, here are the grooming essentials for any gentleman to own this winter.

Moustache Wax; £10, Neville (with £3 going to Movember)

Neville is an official supporter of Movember, so £3 from the sale of every pot of this delicate yet strong moustache wax will go to the charity. Neville Moustache Wax is made with beeswax and hemp seed oil to soften and secure any loose and wayward moustache hairs.

Movember male grooming

Kiehl's Lite Flite shave cream; £15, Selfridges

Employing the traditional ways of shaving is an ideal way to keep your beard at bay while growing out your moustache this month. Apply Kiehl's Lite Flite shave cream carefully around the 'tache with a brush to ensure a fantastic close shave without sacrificing your charitable efforts.

Movember male grooming

Merkur & Dovo Moustache & Beard Razor Chrome Finish; £16.50,

The moustache razor is the ideal tool for shaping and maintaining your face art no matter shape you have opted for. The short, curved blade is designed to work neatly around the face to sculpt and shape accordingly.

Movember male grooming

Moustache and beard comb; £9, Murdock London

Specially designed for moustache grooming and measuring in at only 73mm, this comb is the ideal item to have with you at all times to ensure your mo stays in shape. A moustache connoisseurs' essential.

Movember male grooming

C.O. Bigelow Bay Rum aftershave balm; £24, Mr Porter

The infamous New York West Village apothecary C.O. Bigelow created this incredible balm in 1907 and has recently made its products available to the world. With spicy citrus notes and a base of moisturising shea butter, aloe vera, cucumber and menthol, it not only provides a wealth of goodness to your shaven skin, but will make your moustache smell incredible.

Movember male grooming

Bayolea moustache wax; £7, Penhaglion's

Another great wax for full-on grooming, Penhaglion's Bayolea scented moustache wax will provide spectacular hold with a burst of the citrus notes of lemongrass, tangerine and maderin along with peppery and spiced base notes. It is like a fragrance festival for your facial hair.

Movember male grooming

Ren Vita mineral lip balm; £9, Liberty

Never forget to look after what is under your moustache in the cold weather as chapped lips will certainly detract from a fabulous 'tache. Ren's Vita mineral lip balm is a good one to keep in your pocket. Suitable for all skin types, it is an easy-wear hydrating and repairing balm.

Movember male grooming

Aqua di Parma Cologna Club eau de cologne; £85 for 100ml, John Lewis

This is the final touch before any gentleman can head out for the day. Inspired by Aqua di Parma's 1916 Colognia fragrance, this is an easy to wear update of a classic. Top notes of mint and neroli add freshness to the bold traditional woody base notes of Haitian Vetiver, musk and ambergris as well as aromatic notes of geranium and lavender.

Movember male grooming