Elliot Anderson's new drug Adderall blocked out Mr Robot but only for a short time. However, he managed to make a new friend in Ray (played by Craig Robinson) and also went on a rant about God by calling him "scapegoat" in episode 3 of Mr Robot season 2.

Elsewhere, the third episode touched on the subject of Tyrell Wellick's whereabouts, and found fsociety breaking up under Darlene's leadership. FBI field agent Dominique "Dom" DiPierro, who is tasked with tracking down the culprits behind the E Corp hack, found an important clue that will take her to Coney Island arcade and to its broken fsociety sign.

The episode also featured Angela going out on a dinner party with CEO Phillip Price. The night ended with her boss giving her the names of two E Corp executives, who are responsible for the cover-up that ended in Angela's mother's death.

The episode featured Elliot's efforts to control his mind, and block out Mr Robot, and this struggle of his will continue in the upcoming episodes. Episode 4 of Mr Robot season 2 is titled, eps2.2init1.asec, which will air on 27 July, at 10pm EST on USA Network.

The official synopsis for episode 4 reads as follows:

Elliot befriends Ray, hoping he can finally delete Mr. Robot; Dom makes a discovery; Darlene considers whether the FBI or Dark Army are the bigger threat.

A promo for the episode shows Elliot's new friend Ray telling him, "You want to get rid of the battle within, make peace with the enemy." Mr Robot also admits that he wants the same and says, "You think I want this, two halves in perpetual war!"

However, Mr Robot came up with a dangerous plan to bring about a truce, as he tells Elliot, "One game! And the winner takes all."

"What happens if I lose?" questions Elliot, to which the other person says, "I get to be in charge, once and for all."

Will Elliot let Mr Robot take over his mind? Will Elliot lose control of his mind completely? We will have to wait and see. Christian Slater [who plays Mr Robot] discussed the dynamics between Elliot and Mr Robot in season 2 in an interview with Variety. Slater admitted that in season 1, "Mr Robot is an idealized version" of who Elliot wanted his father to be, "somebody very mysterious and powerful guiding him."

However, "In season 2 he's trying to deal with that and place those restrictions" on what Mr Robot can do. Slater said that any time Elliot puts an obstacle in the way of Mr Robot's ultimate goals, "it really p**ses me off."