Mumford & Sons were allegedly kicked out of an Atlanta strip club after violating one of its biggest rules - no cameras.

According to TMZ, the British folk group were ejected by concerned venue bosses during a night out at the city's Clermont Lounge following a gig at Centennial Olympic Park.

Things are said to have kicked off when Ben Lovett took to the stage for an impromptu performance as part of the club's karaoke night.

His fellow band members - Marcus Mumford, Winston Marshall and Ted Dwayne - reportedly attempted to capture his on-off show by recording it on their phones, seemingly unaware that they were breaking club rules.

Clermont's resident DJ then allegedly repeatedly lowered the volume while club bosses demanded the band put their phones away.

Lovett, 26, is said to have lost his temper and accused the DJ of 'ruining his set'. After a foul-mouthed confrontation with beleaguered staff, the whole group were allegedly shown the exit by the club manager.

TMZ posted a video of the band members clashing with workers outside the venue after being given their marching orders. A strip club employee can be heard shouting, "Everybody out! Go go go!"

Mumford & Sons are yet to comment on the alleged incident.