A video posted to the web on 2 June showing a musician playing an 'electronic orchestra' from an acoustic guitar in a Berlin studio has become a viral sensation, receiving nearly half a million views in a week.

Musician Robin Sukroso places a MIDI pad, a controller that generates electronic percussion sounds, over the body of a guitar before starting a skilful musical session.

Sukroso hits the sensitised area of the percussion controller with his right hand while picking at the guitar string with his free fingers.

The musical instrument took three years to put together, Sukroso said, and is the result of his desire to create an instrument that combines his passion for electronics and the acoustic sound of a guitar.

The MIDI pad is a stick-on wireless controller that can be powered by a rechargeable battery, making the instrument the first of its kind, according to Sukroso.

A Kickstarter for the production of the instrument is in the works.