Apple WWDC 2015 Live blog
Apple\'s Worldwide Developer Conference 2015 will see it launch iOS 9, Mac OS X 10.11 and it\'s all new streaming service Apple Music Apple

What has Apple announced:


And that's it folks. Apple Music, iOS 9, Mac OS X El Capitan, Apple WatchOS 2 and Apple Pay coming to the UK. Lots to digest, but make sure to check out the Technology section of IBTimes UK to get everything you need to know.

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To finish a performance by The Weekend


Wondering what Spotify CEO Daniel Ek thinks of Apple Music?


Finally Eddy Cue stops dancing, and Tim Cook is back on stage to .....introduce another video...


While Apple hasn't announced it, we suspect it means in the UK it will be £10 per month for a single subscription and £15 per month for a family account


Apple Music will cost $10 per month for unlimited streaming and the first three months will be free. There will be a $15 per month family plan.

It will launch in over 100 countries later this month with iOS 8.4 as well as on iTunes for Windows and Mac with Android version coming this autumn.


Eddy Cue showing off Siri integration with the Music app. Again Siri can deal with much more granular requests

Apple Music Errors
Apple Music brings track streaming, a social network called Connect and an all-new radio station to iOS Apple

Connect for Apple Music
Connect is a social network for artists to interact with fans through the Apple Music app Apple


Connect looks like something that is doomed to fail already. Artists will forget about it and users will simply ignore it


Chris Hall here reflecting what many of us are thinking:


We have tens of thousands of music videos in HD all ad free.


The on-boarding process now being demoed which asked you which genres and artists you like, and together with your music catalogue and purchases from iTunes creates new playlists for you. Sounds good, but I wonder how many people will use this feature


Now showing off how easy it is to reorganise your playlists...


Unsurprisingly the Music app looks very slick, but that's no longer enough....


Now a live demo from Eddy of the new Music app


Drake telling young artists to go out there and make there dreams happen


Now on stage is Drake. He's wearing a retro Apple jacket. He's cool


Eddy using Pharrell as an example of what an artists Connect profile will look like including photos, lyrics and of course music.


Two Hour Klaxon


"We're called Beats One, We're always on, playing the music you love."


Video of Zane Lowe. He grates on me, but obviously some people like him...or so Apple hopes


"The truth is Internet radio isn't really radio, it's a playlist of songs"