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Apple WWDC 2015 Live blog
Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference 2015 will see it launch iOS 9, Mac OS X 10.11 and it's all new streaming service Apple Music Apple

What has Apple announced:

And that's it folks. Apple Music, iOS 9, Mac OS X El Capitan, Apple WatchOS 2 and Apple Pay coming to the UK. Lots to digest, but make sure to check out the Technology section of IBTimes UK to get everything you need to know.

Thanks for tuning in, and we'll see you all soon.

To finish a performance by The Weekend

Wondering what Spotify CEO Daniel Ek thinks of Apple Music?

Finally Eddy Cue stops dancing, and Tim Cook is back on stage to .....introduce another video...

While Apple hasn't announced it, we suspect it means in the UK it will be £10 per month for a single subscription and £15 per month for a family account

Apple Music will cost $10 per month for unlimited streaming and the first three months will be free. There will be a $15 per month family plan.

It will launch in over 100 countries later this month with iOS 8.4 as well as on iTunes for Windows and Mac with Android version coming this autumn.

Eddy Cue showing off Siri integration with the Music app. Again Siri can deal with much more granular requests

Apple Music Errors
Apple Music brings track streaming, a social network called Connect and an all-new radio station to iOS Apple
Connect for Apple Music
Connect is a social network for artists to interact with fans through the Apple Music app Apple

Connect looks like something that is doomed to fail already. Artists will forget about it and users will simply ignore it

Chris Hall here reflecting what many of us are thinking:

We have tens of thousands of music videos in HD all ad free.

The on-boarding process now being demoed which asked you which genres and artists you like, and together with your music catalogue and purchases from iTunes creates new playlists for you. Sounds good, but I wonder how many people will use this feature

Now showing off how easy it is to reorganise your playlists...

Unsurprisingly the Music app looks very slick, but that's no longer enough....

Now a live demo from Eddy of the new Music app

Drake telling young artists to go out there and make there dreams happen

Now on stage is Drake. He's wearing a retro Apple jacket. He's cool

Eddy using Pharrell as an example of what an artists Connect profile will look like including photos, lyrics and of course music.

Two Hour Klaxon

"We're called Beats One, We're always on, playing the music you love."

Video of Zane Lowe. He grates on me, but obviously some people like him...or so Apple hopes

"The truth is Internet radio isn't really radio, it's a playlist of songs"

The new app looks a lot like the current app, but has a new section called For You - which is "where you begin" apparently.

Eddy Cue on stage for a demo

Connect is aimed at helping developing artists launch their careers by giving them a global platform

DJs will be based in LA, New York and London

Beats 1 will be the first global 24/7 radio station which will only feature "great music*"

*definition of great pending

Music will be curated by humans not algorithms

Apple Music will feature unlimited streaming, a 24 hour radio station called Beats One, and Connect a place for artists to connect with their fans

Jimmy Iovine talks about Apple Music
Jimmy Iovine talks about Apple Music at WWDC Screenshot

Another video. This time with Trent Reznor

Iovine: Music in 2015 is a fragmented mess

Iovine reminiscing about visting Steve Jobs and Eddy Cue in 2003 to have a look at iTunes

Jimmy Iovine on stage

"Today we are announcing the Apple Music. It is going to change the way you experience music forever"

It's a video about the history of music apparently

"We've made a video..." Really? You?

We love music and we have had a long relationship with music at Apple

That's it from Kevin. Tim's back on stage with "One more thing..."

WatchOS 2 developer beta out today and will roll out to the public in the autumn

WatchOS 2 will let you send voice messages in apps like WeChat

Lynch showing off how the digital crown can be used to change the temperature of your car remotely. Looks very slick

Apple Watch
With OS2, the Apple Watch turns into a bedside alarm clock when charging on its side Apple

Time Travel will give you a great "preview of your day"

Now we're getting demos of some of the new features in Apple WatchOS 2

Apple Watch with Wallet app
Apple's new Wallet app will be available on the Watch with OS2 Apple

Apple giving developers access to pretty much all aspects of the Watch hardware

The Watch will be able to access known Wi-Fi networks even when not connected to your phone

Developers will be given direct access to the Watch's microphone and speaker, HealthKit data including streaming heart rate sensor

Also lots of Siri integration announced. WatchOS2 is a very big update

I missed it earlier but you can now use apps like Strava to contribute to your Activity rings on Apple Watch

Support for Transit in Apple Maps is coming to the Watch

Wallet is coming to WatchOS making Apple Pay easier to use on your wrist

You will now be able to use Siri to start a exercise without having to go into the app

WatchOS 2 will let you reply to email as well as making and taking FaceTime audio calls

WatchOS 2 will allow you draw in more than one colour

Night stand mode will let you turn your watch into an alarm clock, including an alarm function which you can stop or snooze with the digital crown and Favourites button

Time Travel is a feature which will allow you rotate the digital crown to show you upcoming meetings, flights, events etc

Developers will now be able to allow you show "complications" on the watch faces so you will be able to see flight times, state of your home security system etc.

First new feature is new watch faces including a photos watchface, including an album version and a timelapse version which will show you locations around the world including London.

New version of WatchOS will bring native apps to your wrist, and Kevin Lynch is now on stage to talk about it

We believe in technology designed for the wrist

Tim back to talk native apps on Apple Watch

The average person has 119 apps apparently.

Just in case you are wondering the self-congratulatory video is still going on.....there are lots of words like special, magical etc being used

iOS 9 makes iPhone 4s laggy
iOS 9 will be compatible on every device which can run iOS 8 IBTimesUK

Video of the impact app developers have had...

"We have now paid out $30bn to developers. It is the most profitable app marketplace on the planet."

The App Store, launched just seven years ago, has recently passed a major milestone - 100 billion apps downloads.

And that's it from Craig. Tim back on stage telling us he is an "avid iPad user". Who knew?

iOS 9 developer beta coming today, public beta for the first time coming next month and full release in the fall. It will support all phones and tablets which supported iOS 8

Apple has announced that Swift, it's programming language, will be open source as it believes it is the language everyone will be using for the next 20 years

iOS 9 on iPad
iOS 9 running on the iPad Air and iPad mini Screenshot

HomeKit also getting an update in iOS 9 adding support for window shades, security systems, locks and more, also allowing you control them where ever you are through iCloud

ResearchKit getting an update adding support for reproductive health, how often you're seated, and UV exposure.

Security wise, Apple has announced two-factor authentication on Apple ID account

The update is just 1.3GB compared to 4.6GB meaning the vast majority of users will be able to use it.

Apple bringing low power mode to iOS 9 to extend battery life by three hours.

Of the current generation of tablets, split view is only available on the iPad Air 2 but we all know this is about the iPad Pro coming later this year right?

Multitasking also includes pictures-in-picture, allowing you drag a video screen around the screen while working on another app

iOS 9 iPad multitasking
Two apps can be used on screen at the same time with iOS 9 on the iPad Screenshot

This is nothing really new as Windows tablets and Samsung's Note tablets have had this for some time. That said, Apple's implementation looks great

And here is multi-tasking in iOS 9 on the iPad. Allows you Slide Over a second app on top of your main app which can ben swiped in from the side. You can also put it into split view which can be adjusted

iOS 9 will bring a new quick type keyboard for the iPad. The biggest update allows you use two fingers to use the keyboard as a trackpad. You also get a new toolbar to make it easier to cut and copy or format text

The content does look great, but I'm really not sure why users wouldn't just use the native apps from each publisher

Prescott: "We think this offers the best mobile reading experience ever"

News app being demoed by Susan Prescott (that's female number two on stage if you are keeping count)

And an entirely new app called News, which we heard about earlier described as a Flipboard style app

Public transport coming to 300+ cities (most in China) but also to London

Federighi confirms Public Transit is coming to Maps. Something which has been lacking in Apple's offering to date. Federighi says it will give you granular walking directions for underground stations

Now onto Maps. Five billion user requests per week

Now easier to add check lists, add photos, format text and even a drawing tool to allow you make a quick sketch of your idea. You can also easily link to websites using the share button

Craig is back and talking about Notes, which he says 50% of iPhone users use

Apple Pay UK
Apple Pay is coming to the UK in July Screenshot

Apple Passbook is being renamed Wallet - still holds credit and debit cards, loyalty cards and boarding passes

Eight banks supporting at launch with 250,000 locations support Apple Pay at launch including Transport for London


Pinterest the latest app to support Apple Pay

Over one million locations will support Apple Pay by next month

Square launching a new reader to support Apple Pay

Over 2,500 banks now supporting Apple Pay

Next Apple Pay, and Jennifer Bailey is on stage to talk about it.

Apple says that it does all this without impacting your privacy as it all stays on your device and even if it has to do a look up on your behalf then it is done anonymously. Craig says they don't want to know.

iOS 9 suggestions
iOS 9 suggests contacts to call and apps to use based on your daily habits Screenshot

Search has clearly been been given a major update, but the question is how many people really use it?

We are now getting a demo of how the new intelligence features will work.

Federighi announces an API for search allowing developers to deep link the contents from their app into Apple's search function.

Huge update to search, with Siri giving you suggestions based on who you have been speaking to, what apps you are using etc

Siri will automatically put "Now Playing" on the iPhone lock screen in the morning when you go running, adds events to your calendar automatically.

iOS 9 on iPhone
iOS 9 for iPhone and iPad Screenshot

Siri is getting more like Cortana and Google Now, or in Apple lingo is becoming more proactive.

New UI in iOS 9. You can get it to show you specific photos, remind you about the website you are looking at.

First up in iOS 9 is Siri. It serves 1 billion requests per week, and Apple has seen a 40% reduction of error rate at just 5%

Onto iOS 9 and once again Apple showing comparison rates of adoption between iOS and Android

El Capitan available to developers today, public beta in July and full roll out in "the fall". That's it for the desktop

We've been watching a demo of Epic's upcoming game Fortnight, which looks OK.

Apple says: "Metal is a core graphics technology that gives apps near-direct access to the GPU. This means faster and more efficient rendering performance across the system."

Epic says it sees a 70% reduction in CPU use compared to OpenGL

Now we're getting a demonstration from Epic of Mac OS X El Capitan gaming capabilities with the support of Metal on the Mac for the first time.

That's it from a features point of view, and Federighi is onto performance. Opening a PDF 4x as fast; Launching app 1.4x as fast

Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.1
Craig Federighi announces Mac OS X El Capitan at WWDC IBTimes UK

Mac OS X gets Windows-style split-screen working. Looks nice, but Microsoft has had this since Windows 8.

However, an update to Mail means you can now hide an email draft without having to safe it as a draft. This is something I have been wanting for a long time.

Update to Mission Control to organise windows, though not much of an update really.

Contextual search in Spotlight, Finder and Mail now available letting you find things by typing searches like: "Emails I ignored from my boss"

Spotlight panel now gives you weather and sports results directly in the Spotlight window which you can resize...

Some new gestures available in Mac OS X 10.11, including a new way of finding the cursor when you launch OS X, deleting mail and pinning tabs in Safari

Main updates are to Spotlight, managing windows and the built-in apps. Doesn't sound too major an update, but let's see.

craig federighi
Craig Federighi announces the new version of OS X at WWDC Screenshot

The next version of Mac OS X El Capitan, as we speculated earlier.

Mac OS X Yosemite is being used by 55% of Mac users, an update rate which is "unprecedented"

Tim Cook says a lot to get through so we're going to dispense with normal to say that everything is going great.

Here's Craig Federighi to take software

Tim says we're getting updates on Mac OS X, iOS and Apple Watch native apps SDK today

Tim talking about something to do with baseball and giving multi-millionaire baseball players free Apple products

Apple is live streaming keynote of WWDC as well as 30% of the sessions

1000+ Apple engineers on hand to deliver 100+ sessions in Moscone Center

Cook: "80% of attendees are here from the very first time and it's the most global conference ever with attendees from over 70 countries"

And Tim is on stage...

Apple WWDC opening video
Apple WWDC 2015 opening video Apple

Video includes a lift full of Tim Cook-a-likes. Funny.

It is a Birdman parody

Apple begins with a "funny" opening video

And here we go....

How to bury bad news 101: announce it just as Apple's WWDC keynote is about to kick off.

We are just a couple of minutes out, and Bruno Mars is playing....

I wonder will this chart from look much different after tonight's keynote:

WWDC keynote women
The number of women on stage at Apple's recent keynotes

15 minutes to go and apparently Apple is playing trance music to chill everyone out

More confirmation, if we needed it, that Apple Music is coming today

OK, so apparently the whole rest of the internet is live-blogging the WWDC keynote, but that's OK, because we know that we are the still the best

I think we are probably the only website live-blogging the Apple announcement right? I mean I haven't looked elsewhere online but surely no one could have the same idea, that would be just crazy...

Anyway, I digress. It's David here back with you again now by the way and I'll be here for the duration now, having firmly planted my backside in my uncomfortable office seat.

25 minutes to kick off...

That I have it on good authority is El Capitan in Yosemite National Park but I'm not sure about the name Mac OS X El Capitan (or maybe it could be MOSXEC which sound a bit cooler)

Here is our first glimpse of what the new Mac OS X 10.11 will look like:

Some 5,000 developers are walking into this room as we type. They're in for nearly two hours of Apple goodness. 45 minutes until showtime...

WWDC 2015
Moscone West convention centre hosts Apple's WWDc 2015 keynote Apple

Reports claim Apple will let publishers keep 100% of revenue earned from adverts which appear in the Flipboard-style app, although it will continue to take a 30% cut from subscriptions sold through publisher's own newspaper and magazine apps.

Just an hour before the curtain drops at WWDC, news has surfaced of Apple announcing a Flipboard-like produce to show samples of content from news and sports publications, as well as magazines.

Apple will also be doing away with its Newsstand app, according to a report by Re/code, with each publication now offering its own app.

In typically modest fashion, Apple is calling WWDC 2015 the "epicentre of change"

Here are some super happy Apple developers eager to get their hands on iOS 9

Apple developers at WWDC 2015
Happy-clappy developers enter Moscoe West to attend Apple's WWDC 2015 keynote Apple

A full six hours after joining the queue, Apple developers are finally being let into the warmth of the Moscone West convention centre.

Where they can join another queue for two more hours.

It's Alistair back at the helm of HMS Live Blog, while David rocks quietly in a corner, wishing he'd taken a tactical day off to avoid the WWDC fun and games

With "just" two hours to go before Tim Cook takes the stage in San Francisco, journalists and developers are being let into the Moscone Center and most are already wearing their new t-shirts

One of the most interesting things about WWDC this year is going to be the fact that Apple is set to "double-down" on quality rather than focusing on new features. iOS was a particularly buggy piece of software when it was launched to the public and Apple will be keen not to repeat that with iOS 9

Two hours to go folks, can you feel the excitement?

Queue update: The line to get into WWDC 2015 has created a 360 degree circle around the Moscone Center, meaning it will soon begin eating itself I guess...

Here are some interesting stats regarding the music streaming market. According to eMarketer in the US alone 100 million smartphone users will listen to music via streaming service or direct download in 2015. By 2019, that audience will reach 134.3 million, the research company estimates.

When you consider that Spotify has 15 million subscribers, then getting to 100 million sounds ambitious but with Apple having hundreds of millions of iPhone, iPad and Mac users around the world, if anyone can do it, then it can....maybe

Before he left the building however, Alistair wrote about Apple's reportedly ambitious plans for its streaming service:

Hi there, David back with you while Alistair goes for a superfood salad and goji-berry smoothie to keep him in top shape for the hours of live-blogging to come

The big question, of course, is what measures have been taken to ensure U2 don't perform at any point during today's announcement.

Some "insane" queues now forming at the Moscone West convention centre, as WWDC is set to kick off in just over three hours

As a demonstration of how times change, here's a quote from Steve Jobs, who said in the early 2000s that you simply can't sell music through a subscription model:

"The subscription model of buying music is bankrupt. I think you could make available the Second Coming in a subscription model and it might not be successful."

Jumpers given out to all WWDC attendees have the event logo written in Apple's new San Francisco font. It's the same used by the Watch and is expected to feature widely in iOS 9 and Mac OS X 10.11.

Now LOTS of developers queueing up at Moscone West waiting to be let in (click to play time-lapse video)

Today might be out first chance to see retail head Angela Ahrendts speak on stage. CEO Tim Cook has promised the WWDC keynote will contain female presenters

It could also be a chance to hear from model Christy Turlington Burns, who has been used as a brand ambassador for the Apple Watch, wearing it during several marathons.

News just in from the Associated Press claims Apple is aiming for 100 million subscribers for its new music streaming service, which will cost $10 (£6.50) a month.

Presumably that 100 million figure is total users, while those paying every month will be fewer...

A lot of internet chatter today suggests we'll finally find out when Apple Pay is coming to the UK. Will it launch immediately? Or will it roll out over the coming weeks and months?

This is Brian. He's first in line to enter WWDC and he's been sitting there since 3am. More power to you, Brian.

Some WWDC attendees are already lining up outside the Moscone West building in San Francisco - at 3am local time and a full five hours early...

After that, we expect to see iOS 9 for the first time, along with Mac OS X 10.11. There will also be a software development kit for the Apple Watch, and we may even see some hardware - a new Apple TV and a larger iPad are both on the cards for 2015 launch.

Of course, the biggest news expected today is that Apple will launch a Spotify rival, based on the Beats Music service it bought for $3 billion at the end of 2013.

It's still over five-and-a-half hours until Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference kicks off, but we know you are eager to get the low down on what's happening so we are here in IBTimes UK Towers to bring you all the latest news in the build up to the keynote which kicks off at 10am local time in San Francisco (6pm GMT).

We will be bringing you all the rumours and speculation ahead of the keynote through the next few hours and if you have any questions please ask us in the comments below.

For now, make sure you read our details Preview of WWDC 2015 to find out what we expect to see today from Apple.