Nokia CEO Stephen Elop displays the Nokia Lumia 900 smartphone at the Consumer Electronics Show opening in Las Vegas
The Lumia 900 smartphone is tipped to be getting its European debut at MWC. REUTERS

Nokia is predicted to be announcing six new devices at MWC - three smartphones and three budget feature phones.

It is highly likely that the flagship Lumia 900 - showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in January - will make its European debut, but the smartphone might be lacking LTE (long term evolution, or 4G) technology.

While 4G is popular in the US and countries such as Japan and South Korea, the technology - which provides incredible fast mobile internet - is not yet available in much of Europe, including the UK, and won't be until at least 2014.

Nokia may well choose to launch a Lumia 900 without LTE for the European market, and also take the opportunity to announce the availability of the LTE model in Asian markets.

A lower-priced smartphone placed below the Lumia 710 is also expected to be announced at MWC; while still running the Windows Phone operating system, this model is thought to be an entry-level smartphone for consumers on a budget.

Finally for Nokia's smartphone MWC offering, there will be the 808 PureView, which is expected to replace the Nokia N8 and demonstrate that the manufacturer isn't yet turning its back on the Symbian platform. Beyond an improved camera, there is not yet any concrete information about the 808 Pure View.

Finally, Nokia will be targeting emerging markets with its Asha range of budget feature phones; the Asha 302, 203 and 202.