An unnamed man has been dragged naked through the streets of an Argentinian town by an angry mob, after allegedly trying to rape an eight-year-old girl. He had his hands tied with a rope before being paraded naked through the South American town and being handed over to a policewoman.

The whole incident was filmed on a cameraphone by a bystander and the baying crowd can be heard shouting insults at the man throughout the ordeal. One of the assembled throng can be heard shouting: "Next time we will kill you." A woman is also heard shouting: "Degenerate! Tie him to the back of the car," as the policewoman takes the alleged assailant into custody.

The incident took place in the Colegio Santa Brigida neighbourhood in Buenos Aries. The images were uploaded to social media with the caption: "The neighbours of the community have done justice when we apprehended a criminal who was about to rape a little girls of just eight years, and we handed him over to police who we hope will get justice for the innocent girl."

The man was dragged for eight blocks before being handed over to officers. It is not yet clear as to what action the authorities have taken against the man or what evidence locals had to take him into custody.