The drug crazed Miami man who was shot and killed by Police, after eating another man's face has been named as Rudy Eugene.

Eugene was shot dead by police after eye witnesses saw him biting the face off another man. Eugene carried on chewing the face off the man even after he had been shot.

The officers then fired several more times, eventually killing the 31-year-old.

The man Eugene attacked just off the MacArthur Causeway has still not been named but is believed to be homeless. He is in a critical condition at the Jackson Memorial Hospital. 75 to 80 percent of his face was reportedly missing.

Armando Aguilar, of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police, told Local 10 news: "When the officer approached him, told him to stop, pointed a gun at him. He turned around and growled like a wild animal and kept eating at the man's face."

Eugene is described as having a violent history which lead to the break-up of his marriage, according to his ex-wife.

"I wouldn't say he had mental problem but he always felt like people was against him type of attitude. No one was for him, everyone was against him," she told Local 10.

Police believe Eugene had taken LSD or other synthetic drugs prior to the attack.Aguilar told WSVN-TV: "What's happening is whenever we see that a person has taken all of his clothes off and has become violent, it's indicative of this excited delirium that's caused by an overdose of drugs."What's happening is inside their body their organs are burning up alive.

"Miami police have said they are still calling for witnesses to come forward about what they saw. Police spokesman Detective William Moreno said: "We know that there were many people on the MacArthur Causeway and we're hoping they come forward."

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CCTV surveillance shows the two men lying next to the MacArthur Causeway highway in Miami (Youtube)
CCTV surveillance shows the two men lying next to the MacArthur Causeway highway in Miami (Youtube)