Oxford resident Natalie Madeleine was shocked to find a crowd gathered around a naked child on Sunday, September 27. The woman dressed him in her jumper and checked him for injuries. She waited with the toddler until the police arrived. The unnamed child was handed over to the Thames Valley Police.

Madeleine was driving from Blackbird Leys and passing though Barns Road in Cowley around 2 pm when she noticed a large crowd. The midwife thought that there had been some medical emergency. She decided to try and help if any medical aid was required. When she approached the crowd, she saw an unexpected sight.

The crowd had gathered around a small naked child. His face was coated with dirt and he had no shoes nor clothes on. Madeleine first checked to see if the child was injured. Once assured that he was unharmed, she dressed him in her jumper. The police had already been alerted of the child wandering alone in Cowley, Oxford.

Waiting for the police to arrive, the woman asked the child about his name and address. Speaking to Oxford Mail, Madeleine recalled that the child did not respond to her questions. She said she was unsure if the child knew English at all. She also said that the child appeared to be disoriented.

Within 15 minutes, officers of the Thames Valley Police arrived at the scene. They took the child, who is believed to be around four years old, into their custody. A search for the child's family has been launched. The police has not released any statements regarding the incident. It is unknown if the child has been reunited with his family at this time.

The incident took place the day after a two-year-old was found alone in Hull, East Yorkshire.

A man who was with his young son spotted the child walking around Spring Bank and Hutt Street alone. He approached the child and called the police as he appeared to be unaccompanied. Officers from Humberside Police arrived at the scene. The Hull Daily Mail reported that when the police asked the child about his address he started crying. The officers took him in their van and helped him get reunited with his relatives.

A member of the public found the barefoot child alone in Oxford. (representational image) Getty