Narcos Netflix

There's a strong chance that season two of popular Netflix series Narcos might just be the last one for the show.

Speaking to /Film, producer Eric Newman stated that if they could, they would keep Pablo Escobar [the Colombian drug lord on whom Narcos is based] around, but this would only ruin the series given that they would be altering the true events.

"Trust me, if we could find a way to keep him alive and keep Wagner [Moura, who was nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance as Escobar] on the show... He will die," he confirmed. "There are any number of things that can happen after. We have not committed to one or the other. Obviously, there are a lot of other stories in this world that continue on beyond him."

While sticking to the real timeline is one big reason to call time on the show, another factor is the absence of a traditional showrunner for season two. Adam Fierro, who handled the first season, stepped down even before its finale. The rest of the season had to be handled by director-producer Jose Padilha, the producers and the writers.

Earlier reports, regarding the plot for season two, suggested that it could be the last one for the series. If the show's storyline follows the known facts on the life of Escobar, then it's safe to assume that the new episodes will focus more on his escape from the authorities and, unsurprisingly, conclude with his demise.

Set and filmed in Colombia, Narcos tells the true story of notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar who became a billionaire through the production and distribution of cocaine. The show also focused on Escobar's interactions with rival drug lords, American DEA agents and Colombian politics.