If you have pets at home, you may sometimes get annoyed at the mess they make – cats clawing the furniture or dogs tracking mud through the house. But imagine having a horse in your living room. That's what Stephanie Arndt, a doctor who lives in Germany, has.

horse in house
Nasar, an Arabian horse, watches Stephanie Arndt play a keyboard in her kitchen in Holt, Germany. Mrs Arndt brought the horse indoors during a storm in December, and now it wanders through the house daily, looking for snacks Getty

Nasar, a three-year-old Arab gelding, took refuge in her home in December during a major storm. Now the horse has become so accustomed to the creature comforts he wanders into the house every day.

Stephanie says the horse likes to eat in the kitchen and play the keyboard. He is smitten with a wicker waste paper basket, probably because it reminds him of his bedding material.

Speaking of which, Stephanie keeps a pile of hay in one room for Nasar's needs – he's never been caught short on the carpet.

Nasar has a stable outside, but Stephanie says he's never really cared for it. He is an Arab, smiles Stephanie, and among the Bedouins, the horse lives inside the tent.