Is Rangoon the new centre of fashion to shock and outrage mainstream opinion?

Vendors in the capital of Burma are peddling garments plastered with Nazi insignia.

Symbols from Adolf Hitler's hate-filled regime appear on an array of T-shirts on sale in an overcrowded shopping centre in the city.

In Britain, wearing a Nazi uniform in public or with swastikas on prominent display could result in the visit from the police for causing offence.

Prince Harry got in trouble after going to a party wearing a swastike armband with a blood red background.

The Burmese have less experience of the Nazi horrors of 1933-45. In the eastern religion of Hinduism the swastika is a symbol of sacred force, meaning "to be good."

Stitch on: Swastika on jeans
Stitch on: Swastika on jeans

The Nazi garments are on sale at stalls alongside other items emblazoned with the St David Star of Israel and also cannabis plants.