NCIS LA season 7
NCIS Los Angeles season 7 premieres on 21 September on CBS CBS

NCIS LA season 7 premieres on 21 September on CBS where special Agent G Callen will go completely rogue.

A TVLine report has also revealed the episode 1 synopsis which reads as follows:

Season 6 ended with Callen learning that his father is alive and that he had definite ties with the KGB.

Another TVLine report has also released the first picture of season 7 which shows Sam, Callen, Hetty and the whole team. Showrunner Shane Brennan has warned that Callen's covert actions will "create a lot of tension" for other members, especially between the two closest to him.

"It will be as bad as it's ever been for him and Hetty, and certainly as bad as it's ever been for him and Sam.

"For Hetty, who took this young man under her wing... it's very painful," the creator teased.

Daniela Ruah, who plays Kensi told TVLine that Callen will go completely rogue.

Ruah explained, "This time Callen has decided to go completely rogue, where he's not informed anybody of what's going on. And so they send us out to bring him back at any cost."

"If we don't do it, they'll send in another team who obviously won't have an emotional connection to him. And we don't want that," Ruah added.

LL Cool J, who plays Sam Hanna, said that in the premiere episode Sam and Callen display "a dynamic we haven't seen before," adding, "because this is the first time that we have a situation where one partner's actions jeopardizes the other partner's integrity.... It gets pretty crazy!"