A zoo in Santander, Spain has drawn criticism for the neglect faced by the resident animals. Last month, charity organisation AnimaNaturalis started a campaign to improve the condition of the animals at the facility. Even after the charity urged the zoo to take better care of the animals, the situation showed very little improvement. AnimaNaturalis is asking for the animals to be removed from the park and for its complete closure.

Accompanied by a team from the city council in Palacio de la Magdalena, members of AnimaNaturalis went to inspect the mini-zoo last week. Members from the animal charity had previously visited the facility and shared pictures of neglect animals. They had photographed the body of a sea lion left in the open wrapped in a garbage bag, as well as an algae-coated grey seal swimming in filthy water.

⚠️Focas muertas, leones marinos en mal estado… ¡EXIGE ACTUACIONES URGENTES!

En estas horribles imágenes puede apreciarse el abandono que están sufriendo los animales del minizoo del Palacio de La Magdalena en Santander. ¿Nos ayudas? 👇https://t.co/NLh6MYhlUl pic.twitter.com/aXmqy7RG8X

— AnimaNaturalis (@AnimaNaturalis) May 28, 2020

AnimaNaturalis shared their findings during their latest visit on Wednesday, June 24. They reported that the condition of the seal which was covered in algae had worsened. Due to the heat, the algae had grown, covering the animal even more. They also noted that a female seal was not showing any movement. This indicates that "she is letting herself die," Aïda Gascón, director of AnimaNaturalis in Spain, explained.

Un equipo de @AnimaNaturalis ha sido recibido este miércoles por la concejala de Medio Ambiente, Margarita Rojo Calderón, junto a técnicos y veterinarios del minizoo del Palacio de la Magdalena de Santander. pic.twitter.com/KxwfJ37vGm

— AnimaNaturalis (@AnimaNaturalis) June 25, 2020

There were some changes made by the facility. A seal pup born in November last year had been kept in isolation for six months. Upon the intervention of AnimaNaturalis, the juvenile had been moved to an enclosure with other seals.

Even though councillor for the environment, Margarita Rojo, conveyed her desire convert the zoo into a sanctuary, AnimaNaturalis does not foresee it happen. Noting the city council's eagerness to act, the animal charity emphasised that permanent closure of the facility is what they want.

⚠️ Nos llegan nuevas imágenes del minizoo de la Magdalena de Santander, que demuestran que la situación de las focas no hace más que empeorar con el calor y la proliferación de las algas.

3.700 personas ya han escrito al presidente de Cantabria. ¿Y tú? https://t.co/dSvi8TE0k8 pic.twitter.com/JreIFaz0es

— AnimaNaturalis (@AnimaNaturalis) June 25, 2020

They want the animals like seal, seal-lions, and penguins to be re-homed to a more suitable facility. Following the re-homing, the mini-zoo should be close permanently, the charity suggested. The charity has likewise urged the zoo to halt the acquisition of more animals. The zoo has also been asked to halt all breeding programmes

A Change.org petition has also been launched to urge the city council to close the zoo.

Dead seal
Seals, Sea-lions, Penguins and other animals were seen living in neglect at the zoo in Spain. (representational image) British Divers Marine Life Rescue/Facebook