A 17-year-old boy from Virginia is facing double murder charges for fatally shooting Scott Fricker and his wife Buckley Kuhn-Fricker because they advised their daughter to end her relationship with him. Now, authorities investigating the case have released disturbing details about suspect.

According to court documents, police found bullet holes, cartridge cases, a knife and a hammer at the scene of the crime along with blood stains on the bedroom wall and hallway of the couple's house. A search warrant also uncovered ammunition at the teen's home.

The Gunston Manor Property Owners Association told investigators that prior to the shooting, a huge swastika has been mowed into the grass on a farm near the community centre. Neighbours claim they suspected the 17-year-old of being responsible but decided to mow over it rather than call the police.

The suspect was recognised as a supporter of Adolf Hitler and had, in the past, spoken about the need for a "white revolution". Huffington Post reportedly also found a twitter account the boy used under the alias Kevin Gallo. In one post, he allegedly shared a photo of Hitler, referring to him as a hero.

The Washington Post previously reported that Kuhn-Fricker grew concerned about her daughter's relationship with the suspect after she was made aware of his extremist views. "My daughter and her husband found out about a lot of the Nazi stuff just this past week and they forbid their daughter to see him again," the female victim's mother said.

Angry with being broke up with, the boy visited the Fricker home on 22 December where he shot the couple before turning the gun on himself. He was rushed to a hospital and is still undergoing treatment for a brain injury.