Nepal is asking climbers on Mount Everest to clean litter from a camp, which was abandoned two years ago after an earthquake hit the area.

Tourism Department official Durga Dutta Dhakal said that ten canvas bags capable of holding at least 80 kg of garbage will be provided at the site of Camp Two on Mount Everest to clear the trash.

"This way we hope to bring down the trash without any extra cost, using helicopters that return empty after dumping climbing ropes at the high camp," Dhakal told Reuters.

Helicopters are used to dump ropes during the climbing season, which typically runs from March to May.

Mountain climbing and tourism are two of the main sources of income for Nepal and reportedly constitute 4% of its economy. Over 600 people reportedly climbed the Everest summit last year from the Chinese and Nepali sides.

Hiking authorities are expecting an increase in the number of climbers this year as mountaineers were given a two-year extension on their $11,000 per-person permit after the earthquake. At least 9,000 people were killed in the earthquakes in Nepal in April 2015.

More than 16 tonnes of garbage was previously cleaned out from the Mount Everest but how much of is left remains unclear.

Veteran climber Russell Brice, a New Zealander who runs the Himalayan Experience guiding company said that Sherpas will be paid to pick up the trash and added, "We will pay $2 for each kilo of trash the sherpas bring down."

Camp Two, which is a major climbing site for mountaineers climbing the Everest and Lhotse, is situated at 6,400 metres above sea level.

Mount Everest evacuation
A rescue helicopter comes in for a landing to pick up the injured from Everest Base Camp [file photo] Getty