Netflix has launched its standalone virtual reality app for Google Daydream View headset, allowing Google Pixel owners to watch films and TV shows from their very own virtual theatre. The app requires a Daydream-compliant phone in order to work, which is currently limited to the Moto Z, the ZTE Axon 7 and Google's own Pixel smartphones.

Netflix VR is available on the Google Play store and is identical to the app available for Samsung's Gear VR headset. The app lets users watch Netflix shows through a virtual reality headset and places them in a VR home theatre complete with giant television and cosy décor.

Using a hidden settings menu in the ceiling users can change the size and position of the virtual television screen so you can watch it while lying down.

For now the Daydream app only works with Google's own headset, although this will be expanded to other manufacturers who built headsets based on Google's Daydream specifications.

While you can boot up the app with a Google Cardboard viewer or similar third-party headset (we tried this for ourselves), you can only sign in and navigate the app using Daydream View's accompanying remote control, which in turn only works with the official headset.

Netflix VR is separate from the company's smartphone app and doesn't support offline viewing for the time being, meaning you need to be connection to a mobile data or Wi-Fi network to stream content in virtual reality. Fortunately, the VR app is still free and provides access to Netflix's full library of content.