Never Alone
Never Alone's two playable characters. You can switch between them or play co-operatively with a friend. Upper One Games

Big budget games dominate awards shows like last year's inaugural The Game Awards, leading the charge in categories celebrating action games, sports games and multiplayer, but the Games For Change award show is looking recognise excellence in other fields.

The non-profit organisation which promotes the social impact of games has announced the nominees for its annual awards, with eight titles occupying categories such as Most Significant Impact and Most Innovative.

The nominees are listed below, complete with links to more information about each game.

A Game Changer Award will also be given to Tracy Fullerton, the director of the University of Southern California (USC) games program and author of Game Design Workshop. The award recognises "the significant global contributions of individuals who inspire and mentor new generations of game creators and researchers."

Games For Change will announce its winners- chosen by a panel of game designers, academics, writers and executives - at a ceremony on 22 April.