The new iPad comes with advanced technology and features like the Retina Display and 4G LTE connections.

However, there are several other features and bugs that could make you rue the decision to buy one.

Check out six reasons why the new iPad may not be a the answer to all your dreams:

Data Drain/Speed Trap

Data Drain/Speed Trap
Photo: Apple Data Drain/Speed Trap

The promise of a 4G LTE-ready iPad may be too much of a step to take.

To begin with, the availability of 4G service actually depends on the user's network service provider (AT&T or Verizon). An earlier IBTimes UK report suggested the new iPad's 4G frequencies were not actually supported by Telstra in Australia and across several countries in Europe, including the UK, even as Apple faces a potential lawsuit, for false advertising, in Australia.

In addition, for users on entry-level data plans, the bad news is the new iPad accesses more data than they may think. Users have already complained of expensive plans and of data allotments being used up in a day and sometimes even a few hours. According to Verizon, watching streaming HD video on the new iPad consumes 2GB of data every hour.

Overall, 4G plans are more expensive than 3G options. Moreover, the 4G network offers limited coverage and therefore may not be a good choice.

Overheating Issue

Overheating issue

Earlier reports from US-based consumer advocacy group - Consumer Report - suggested the new iPad runs as much as 12 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than the iPad 2. The report further claims the new iPad hits 116 degrees Fahrenheit while running graphics-heavy action games like Infinity Blade II. Users have been constantly reporting similar problems and complain they cannot even hold the tablet in their hands or rest it on their laps. Despite growing concerns, however, Apple has dismissed all reports, stating the device works within specified operating standards.

Poor Wi-Fi Reception

Poor Wi-Fi Reception
Photo: Apple Poor Wi-Fi Reception

Users of the new iPad have also been complaining about weak Wi-Fi signal reception. Apple's discussion forums are already buzzing with these complaints.

Smart Cover - Sleep Issue

Smart Cover - Sleep Issue
Photo: Apple Smart Cover - Sleep Issue

There have also been problems reported with fitting the iPad 2 smart covers on to the new iPad. In a worst case scenario, the older covers are reportedly interfering with the reversed polarity of the magnets. Another issue, again, because the covers do not fit the new iPad is a problem with sleep issues - the tablet display fails to turn off when the cover is closed.

Battery Drain/Overcharging Issue

Battery Drain/Charging Issue
Photo: Apple Battery Drain/Charging Issue

Another reported problem is the fact that the battery reportedly drains faster, even when plugged in. Reports suggest heightened battery discharge while playing games. A fully-discharged battery reportedly takes between five and six hours to recharge fully. There are also reports suggesting the battery charge indicator might be misleading because the battery continues to charge even after the indicator shows 100 percent.

Yellow Tint

Yellow Tint
Photo: Arstechnica Yellow Tint

Finally, the ultra-high resolution Retina Display has also drawn some flak, even as Apple advertises the display as a technological marvel. The problem is a yellow tint that seems to blur the screen. There have been reports of the tint affecting a tiny part of the screen but some iPad owners claim the yellow hue spreads across the whole screen.