Isis propaganda video July 2016 Nice
A new Islamic State video threatens attacks in London, the US and Australia YouTube

Islamic State has released a new propaganda video encouraging followers to use cars to mow down civilians – a tactic used to deadly effect by the perpetrator of the Nice attack, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel. The video also shows Big Ben in flames, a German sleeper cell and Isis terrorist loading gas canisters into a truck.

In the London section of the video, posted online by Isis-friendly channels, a sniper is depicted mounting an attack. In New York, a suicide bomber blows himself up. However perhaps most disturbing is the part set in Australia, where an SUV is set to drive into pedestrians and supporters are ordered to "fill your cars with gas".

The video has been authenticated by the International Centre for the Study of Violent Extremism (ICSVE) and was produced weeks before the murderous attack by Islamist Bouhlel when he hired a truck and drove into people celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, killing at least 84 and leaving more than 200.

Isis (Daesh) has called Bouhlel a "soldier of the Caliphate", although it is unclear if there was any direct connection with the group.

There is a debate in France around whether Bouhlel's attack was motivated by Islamist beliefs or mental illness, but he is known to have visited Islamist terror websites in recent months and is heard on film footage screaming "Allahu Akbar". Five people linked to the Tunisia-born attacker are still being questioned.

It has also emerged that when asked by a policeman why he was driving the 19-tonne truck moments before carrying out his attack, Bouhlel claimed he was delivering ice cream. He then drove through crowds for up to 2km, before being shot to death by French police.

A chilling new video has emerged of the truck driving straight towards someone holding a cameraphone, and afterwards a woman screaming, "My daughter! My daughter!"


In the UK, a team of 40 SAS troopers have been flown to a base near London in case a similar attack should happen. Intelligence team are also on the capital's streets monitoring for signs of suspicious behaviour.

An intelligence source told The Mirror: "So many of the people being followed, close to 100 jihadists in the UK, no longer use their mobile phone because they can be intercepted. This means any of them inspired by the Nice attack could launch an attack at a moment's notice and they will need to be neutralised very quickly."