HTC appears to have fixed some of the hardware issues related to the power and volume buttons in the new Nexus 9 units.

The volume rockers and power button on the Nexus 9 seemed to be squishy, with almost no travel. Besides, they reportedly offered minimal response if you failed to press at a particular spot. HTC has resolved the issues in the new Nexus 9 batches.

According to a discussion at Reddit , a user who received his Nexus 9 manufactured last week does not have any button issue.

"Today my new Nexus 9 arrived, it was manufactured last week, it was shipped to me on Friday from Taiwan and it arrived today.

"It's my replacement to my faulty one with extreme light bleed and buttons that are almost impossible to press, as you can see that's one issue that's been fixed. This may be the first Nexus 9 in white that has the buttons fixed, at least that's what HTC's AVP told me.

"Light bleed is still present however it's nowhere near as bad as before," confirms the user called Sebianoti.

Also, the light bleed has lessened and is not as bad as the launch unit, although the issue is still present. "Not as bad as my launch unit but still there," say users.

The Nexus 9 units purchased from the Play Store recently do not exhibit the issue and are better than the ones bought a few weeks ago, reports Android Police.