The New Year marks a totally new, romantic beginning for Vera Lawrence and Bob Whittle.

Vera, 93, and Bob, 84, will be exchanging their marriage vows on 1 January 2012.

This couple's love story is unique; they waited for 33 years before deciding to get married. Vera and Bob met way back in 1978, while bowling.

"I fell in love with her the first day I saw her at the bowls hall - we knew instantly that we were a pair," the BBC has quoted the would-be-groom as saying.

However, Vera made the first move. She proposed and Whittle accepted it.

The wedding will take place in Beccles, Suffolk.

Their unique love story is likely to draw a lot of media attention. The couple are planning a small ceremony at St Luke's Church on 1 January.

Vera told the BBC their health problems led to their decision to get married.

"They are a wonderfully happy couple," the BBC has quoted Reverend John Beauchamp, who will conduct the service, as saying.

"It was only five weeks ago that I had the phone call - I had to laugh as Bob and Vera said 'we're sorry we want to arrange it so quickly', to which my response could be 'I don't think 33 years is that quick'."