After a successful launch in July 2015, New York is hosting its second Fashion Week: Men's (NYFW: Men's) to showcase designer's autumn/winter collections for 2016-17. There are 60 shows on the Council of Fashion Designers of America's official schedule, presenting on 1-4 February. For designer Mike Rubin of Krammer & Stoudt, the day was an emotional one, as it was the first time he had ever seen his full collection on display after four years in the industry.

"I started the brand because I wanted to dress guys that were from my age bracket that grew up surfing and were part of music scenes. And as they are getting older, trying to make them look cool but not too young. So, that's basically how the brand started. And, basically I think every collection I ever do will sort of have that premise to it," said New York-based designer Rubin. Edmund Ooi, a Malaysia-born menswear designer who is now based in Belgium, is also making his NYFW: Men's debut with a collection he called Class of 2525.

"It's basically a reinterpretation of a schoolboy in the future. So, when I was thinking about schoolboys, they don't really have uniforms these days but they still kind of have the same kind of clothes, all of them. So, I just took out all their clothes from their wardrobe, like, what they're wearing these days and reinterpreted it for the future."

Korea-based design house Plac showed 16 looks that designer Jaewan Park called "something between 1990s grunge and retro sportswear." "This collection is filled with emotional and texture. Something between 1990s grunge and retro sportswear. So when you see the collection every single garment is wearable but when you combine it together you can be very stylish," said Park, who graduated from London's Royal College of Art.

Other designers showing at the four-day event include Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Public School.