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The Newsroom series finale will air on 14th December 2014 Newsroom/facebook

The Newsroom series finale is just two episodes away and actor Thomas Sadoski, who portrays Don Keefer on the show, recently spoke up about the negative criticism the show has received and his thoughts on the series' short run.

"People have various different opinions about the show and I respect all of them, frankly. I really appreciate when people are big fans of the show. That's nice. [But] there's been a lot of criticism of the show. Some of it is earned. Some of it is justifiable and justified. I don't shy away from that," Sadoski told HuffPost Live during an interview on Wednesday (3<sup>rd December).

According to Sadoski, any work is apt to be ill-received by someone somewhere, which is why there's little choice but to shrug the critics off, states the HuffPost report.

"Sad to say it [to] the critics, but no, you don't have any impact. You can't," stated the actor.

"You want to challenge people. You want to have discussions started around the work that you're doing. As an artist, that's all you want," he added, celebrating the series' ability to consistently attract media attention.

The Newsroom is currently airing its final season on HBO at 9 pm ET on Sundays. The next episode is called Oh Shenandoah. The last episode, which will air on 14<sup>th December, 2014 is called What Kind of Day Has It Been.