Newsroom Season 3
A promotional still from Newsroom season 3 episode 4 (Newsroom/Facebook)

The Newsroom's final season returns with its fourth episode tonight, 30 November at 9pm EST on HBO.

The episode is titled, Contempt, where Will refuses to reveal the source of stolen government documents even though he could go to jail for contempt.

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The official synopsis reads:

Facing a court subpoena and possible incarceration for contempt, Will stands firm in refusing to reveal the source of the stolen DOD documents. As Charlie's disdain for Lucas grows, Sloan and Mac scramble to find a more acceptable 11th-hour buyer for ACN. Jim's relationship with Hallie is put to the test by her new job at Carnivore, a start-up website.

Newsroom Season 3
Will McAvoy might face contempt in Newsroom season 3 episode 4 (Newsroom/Facebook)

In the last episode, The ACN news team fake a live broadcast of the FBI raid on the newsroom to persuade them to stand down. Also, to keep the company running, Charlie will have to sell ACN to billionaire Lucas Pruit. Meanwhile, MacKenzie is approached by a woman named Lily who confirms, that she is Neal's source.

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