The Newsroom season 3
The Newsroom Season 3 episode 2 airs today (TheNewsroom/Facebook)

The Newsroom's final season returns with its second episode today, 16th November at 9:00 pm EST on HBO.

The episode is titled, Run, in which McAvoy will back Neal Sampat, who is in trouble for espionage, and Charlie and Leona deal with the company takeover involving Reese's half siblings.

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The episode synopsis reads:

With Rebecca (Marcia Gay Harden) again tasked with defending ACN in a possible lawsuit, Will tries to protect Neal from the fallout over the DOD leak. Charlie (Sam Waterston) and Leona (Jane Fonda) enter the fray of a hostile-takeover gambit involving Reese's (Chris Messina) half-siblings, Blair (Kat Dennings) and Randy Lansing (Chris Smith). Sloan fears Don (Thomas Sadoski) may be guilty of cashing in on insider information; Maggie ponders the ethics of eavesdropping; Hallie (Grace Gummer) pays a price for a late-night tweet.

Last week's premiere episode showed the ACN news team back in action after the Genoa incident last season. The news team covered the events of the Boston Marathon bombings of 2013, with their personal drama in the backdrop.

Also, Neal Sampat receives several confidential government documents detailing a PR team's instigation of unrest in West Africa. Sampat unknowingly commits espionage by asking his source to surrender more info to prove their legitimacy.

In the episode, Sloan Sabbith revealed that the company is in the midst of a hostile takeover by Reese's half-siblings Randy and Blair.