Call of Duty: Ghosts

The next Call of Duty game will be "very futuristic and feature good lighting physics", according to a rumour picked by a report from DOSGaming. The rumour comes from YouTube user 'Drift0r', who claims that he acquired this leaked information.

According to a video posted by Drift0r, the user claims that he actually got to see the game, adding that what he saw was 'very unusual'. He goes on to add that it will be called Modern Warfare 4.

Drift0r also adds that he had a chance to check out some of the "game's assets and some other interesting stuff". He said that it could either be the next Call of Duty game, another shooter or even a mod that he would like to play.

What the Rumours Reveal

1) The Future

The game's developers aren't toying with a spin off based on Vietnam or a previous World War, instead this game has its focus set deep into the future.

2) Futuristic Weapon

According to the video, the guns in the rumoured game looked rather futuristic and modular, bearing some resemblance to the weapons seen in Titanfall and other futuristic titles.

3) Dynamic Lighting and Reflections

Drift0r claims that the demo he played had some dynamic lighting. He claims to have seen good amount of refraction of light on wet and shiny surfaces. He also adds that the game had some powerful physics for players to enjoy.

4) Modern Warfare Series

There is also a strong indication that this upcoming title could be a part of the Modern Warfare series and that it is currently being developed under the codename 'Blacksmith'.

Check out the video from Drift0r below.

Owing to the fact that this is only a rumour, it should be taken with a grain of salt. Do you think this rumour could actually amount to something? Let us know in the comments below.